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What We Do

We are very passionate and firmly believe that supporting children playing sport not only provides them with the physical and emotional benefits of engaging in regular exercise, but also helps build valuable life skills such as teamwork, confidence, communication, resilience and focus. Furthermore, it ensures that all children have access to sporting opportunities regardless of financial or social disadvantages.

Grant Giving Charity

Donations can help us provide facilities, equipment and coaching for disadvantaged young athletes. Not only does this have a positive impact on the lives of these children today, but it will also help shape them for the future through experiences which reach far beyond a sporting field.

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Reaching the people that need us

We want to enable young people to reach their sporting potential and creating new opportunities for those who may otherwise not have them.

Removing Financial Boundaries

We aim to help as many people as we can! We believe that by supporting the amazing work being done by grass-root projects we can help them keep helping others.


"We rely heavily on the financial support we receive from donors and the generosity of charitable trusts such as yourselves, who assist us in our work. Please accept a huge thank you again on behalf of the Horizons staff, Trustees and volunteers, and all these deserving young people of Plymouth."

Annette Molly


“The Jordan Sinnott Foundation gave us the resources to be able to purchase a new Powerchair. Football is a beautiful game and everyone should be given the opportunity regardless of their ability or in this case disability.”


Leeds Power Chair Football

"I chose to nominate the JSFT to receive a donation because the work they do to support children and young people is so important especially at the moment with so many families struggling”

Vicky Hart

Fuel Card Services

“We are indebted to the The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust who have donated £5,000 to help us reach young people most in need”

Middlesbrough FC Foundation

“Thank you to the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust without you I would be still training in a kit that was not fit for purpose."


Middlesbrough Hockey Club

Know someone who could benefit from our support?

If you know someone who could benefit from our support, then please tell them about us!
We aim to help whoever we can.

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Head over to our grants page where you can find out about what sort of grants we offer & download our grant application form.

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Our Mission & Values

If you want to find out more about what the JSFT stands for and what we hope to accomplish, head on over to our mission & values page.

Mission & Values