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Can you help us achieve our Mission?

‘To provide funding and support to children and young adults so their lives may be enriched through the sport they love.’

The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust (JSFT) was officially established in September 2020 and received Charity status in November 2021.

Why Choose Us?

The tragic circumstances surrounding Jordan’s death had a profound effect on all those who knew him. Jordan’s family, friends and colleagues wanted to focus on something positive, upholding the values that Jordan had.

We are a small and personable charity, run and managed by our voluntary Board of Trustees and we are all totally committed and passionate about our cause.

All the money we raise (minus some minimum admin costs) goes straight to achieving our mission. You can be assured that this means that donated funds are not spent on large salaries, employee bonus’, property rentals, or any unnecessary expenditure – we make every penny and pound work for us.

Through our grant awarding process we provide funding to individuals, clubs and teams so that they are able to access sport. We have provided funding for a variety of grants from buying kit and equipment, paying subs to providing nourishment at sports camps.

Why Would You Help Us?

Although a good deed is in itself its own reward, there is a lot of buzz around ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and the idea that companies should play a positive role in the community and be seen to have a social conscience.

If your business values match ours, then we believe we could have a truly mutual and beneficial partnership.

In an increasingly demanding business environment, companies are looking to obtain a leading edge over their competitors. Supporting a Charity such as the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust could give them the uniqueness that corporates strive for. A recent study published in Daily Business Magazine 2018 showed that Millennials are 70% more likely to support a brand that was involved in a charity than the brands that didn’t.

4 Reasons Why Supporting Us Will Help Your Business

Competitive edge & help define your brand identity

By incorporating a charity initiative such as the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust can become an integral part of your brand and differentiate yourselves from your competitors. It highlights the company’s ethos as reliable and ethical where you are putting something back into society further supporting your brand image. By promoting your brand as a partner with a charity can give you superiority within your market.

Increase employee morale

Working within an environment that is supporting a charity such as the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust could have a positive impact on your employees. It not only shows them that your company cares and takes its responsibility within the community seriously it can also encourage employees to become involved helping with team building and a sense of belonging. This could help maintain your strong workforce, but also help when recruiting additional staff.

Stronger public relations

Supporting the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust could help boost your public relations. By sponsoring or helping with the Charity’s events allows you to share these stories on your website and also our own, it could also increase your media coverage reinforcing your presence with the market place.

Expand your brand to a wider audience

The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust is a national charity with over 30,000 followers on our social media platforms. Sponsoring us could introduce your brand to a new audience or increase your brand visibility if volunteering with our charity events such as the Annual Ball

How We Are Currently Funded

To date our funds have come from a variety of donations. Money was donated at Jordan’s funeral in March 2020. Since then we have held fundraising events such as cricket matches, organised sponsored charity walks and half marathons, had bucket collections at football matches and held a Summer Ball at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. Just Dessert have kindly nominated us to be their charity of the year 2023 and have some exiting fundraisers planned!

Our Partners

How You Can Help Us

Jordan was a unique individual who would have helped anyone who was in need, but we need your help to help those others. As a Board of Trustees have a diverse knowledge, but we will be the first to admit that there are times when we need additional help.

Could Your Company Spare Some Time to Help Us

It is very easy for business to make a one-off donation but we want to build lasting and meaningful relationships with companies who share our passion, our values and who will help us achieve our mission.

Yes, we need financial donations to provide funds for our grants but we also want to work alongside companies who can gift skills, resources or volunteer their time to help us.

Corporate Fundraising

Corporate fundraising is a great way to get all your team members and members of different teams collaborating with people they might not normally meet; it gives staff a chance to socialise and work together in a different context. Staff can learn new skills, or develop existing ones, working on projects which they might not normally get exposed to. Team challenges can be anything that tests the strength, agility, endurance or just the ability to learn a new skill. We welcome our supporters to organise their own challenges, but we also offer spaces on some activities organised by the JST team.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a simple and easy way for your employees to donate straight from their salary, providing us with a regular income to plan and budget. It is a fantastic way to donate as its simple easy and tax efficient. Anyone that is employed or receives a workplace pension is eligible to give a gift each month or week straight from their pay.


We host a range of fundraising events throughout the year that your business can take part in or even sponsor.

Match Funding

As a business, you can ‘match’ the money that your employees have raised through their fundraising.

Volunteer for Us

Help us at one of our events.

Annual Ball

Book a table for the Ball for an employee night out or even be a sponsor the Ball.

Charity of the Year

Make us your charity of the year.

Network for Us

Share our posts on our social media platforms so we can increase our reach.

What We Offer in Return

As part of our stewardship we will:

  • We will provide quarterly information on who has received a JSFT grant
  • We will provide you with feedback on the impact your donation has made
  • We can make arrangements for you to visit teams and clubs that have received your donation
  • We can create tailor made thank you presentations to your business
  • Where possible one of the Trustees can come and support your fundraising and meet your team
  • We will provide you with collection boxes and buckets for your fundraising event
  • We will promote your fundraising on our social media and website