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Sinnott 25 Shirts

The charity all started with the remarkable response we received for the #Sinnott25 shirts, in excess of 900 were sent in from across the globe, at least one shirt being sent from each continent.

Quite quickly after Jordans passing, a group chat on WhatsApp was set up to try collect a few shirts to display at his funeral from clubs that he had a connection to. We put the word out on social media to try and get some help. Within 24 hours it had gone viral. We collected shirts from every single team in the English football league, the two giants of Madrid, AS Roma, national team shirts of England, Denmark and Canada and many many more. We also received many shirts from grassroots football, be it junior football or first team.

All of these shirts were proudly displayed at his funeral at Valley Parade, hung above over 1000 attendees.

After the funeral, all the shirts were gifted to Kit Aid who kindly sent them out to people who wouldn’t usually be able to access a high quality piece of kit or shirt. They’ve been handed out in many countries, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria and Australia too. It was a truly great gift to be able to see Jordans name creating so many happy moments for many different people, from many walks of life.

Sinnott 25 Donated

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