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Grant Making Policy

Important things to consider before applying

As much as we would like to help everyone, we have specific objectives that we are trying to achieve as a Charity. Please head over to our Policy Documents before you apply to ensure you meet our charitable objectives and criteria, it will also help you provide the most relevant information on your grant application.

There are two grant application forms as we support individual applicants and groups. If you are applying from a team or group please be mindful that hardship will need to be evidenced for the majority. Otherwise, please do consider applying individually for members of your team/group that most need our help. We want to ensure the money that is kindly donated and raised finds the children and young adults most in need.

**Please be aware our Grant Applications will open again on February 14th 2024**

Grants We Provide

Once application completed email to

Individual Grant

This application is for individuals only.

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Community Grant

This application is for those applying on behalf of a group.

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Grants process; What to Expect once you have applied.

Throughout the year there may be occasions where we have to close grant applications for review of funding available – This will be highlighted on the website. Please keep an eye out on our website and Social Media for updates on when grants are open.

*Please note, due to the volume of grant applications we receive, we will not hold grants on file when we have closed them. If you apply and are advised that we are not currently taking applications, please save your grant form and resubmit when the grants reopen.

Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed by our grant panel. This usually happens within 3 months, so please bear this in mind when applying if you have time constraints. The grant panel will discuss the application and may decide they need further information, for example, financial accounts, so please have these ready to be submitted if needed.

A decision will then be made on whether the application meets the criteria for funding – see our charitable objectives and funding priorities here (hyperlink). Please also note, that the grants panel may decide to partially fund a grant, so there is not a guarantee that you will receive the full amount you have requested, although we do try where possible.

A lot of how we raise interest and money is through using our Social Media handles, and we absolutely love it when we get tagged or mentioned. Please feel free to give us a shout out on any of our platforms, especially with updates from how the funding is helping, it genuinely makes our day and raises awareness so we can give back more!

More Information

Once you have completed your application, please email the form to

  • Applications will be reviews within a 3 months period.
  • Successful applicants may apply once on a 12 month period.
  • Funding will depend on how much funding we have available.