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Become a Foundation Friend

Our Foundation Friends are individuals or businesses that financially support the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust on a regular basis, typically through an automated monthly direct debit donation. Monthly support is the lifeblood that protects us against turning down a grant application and helps prepare for our next opportunity.

By becoming a Foundation Friend your regular donations will help us make an impact.

Now, more than ever, we need more friends to regularly support our vital work. Regular gifts help us to plan for our future by providing a predictable income. This means that not only can we fulfil our charitable objectives but also plan our charitable giving for the coming months and years.

Over a 12-month period your support could have a huge impact and help our Foundation Trust provide vital funding through our grant awarding process to support vulnerable and under privileged children and young adults to access sport.

As a regular donor you will get updates on how your donation has helped and what it has paid for.

You’ll be kept up to date with all important news and events involving the Trust.

You’ll have priority for Trust events.

Where your donation goes?

We couldn’t fund our Trust without your help!

The Trust is run by volunteers, so all monetary donations go straight to helping the Trust fulfill its charitable objections. That’s why we’re committed to making every penny count.

We have raised more than £100,000 and awarded over 40 grants.

£5,000 was awarded towards the cost of a 9 seater minibus to a Nottingham-based charity that try to remove barriers that limit people from disadvantaged backgrounds

£670 was awarded towards the cost of new football kits and footballs to an Under 7’s football team in East Yorkshire

£900 was awarded to a football club in South Yorkshire to provide a healthy snack and a hot meal at their football summer camp for 60 children

How to donate

You can set up a monthly direct debit by following the instructions on our donate page on our website.