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Patience Wood – Archery GB Youth Program Grant Update

23 Oct 2023

Sometimes the sporting world only needs one shining star and we’re certain Archery GB Youth Program has found that young person in Patience Wood!

As well as supporting larger-scale sports-based projects, we also love to support individual children, who made an impact on us and whose lives are enriched through their love of sport, Patience Wood is one of those young people.

Being a 16-year-old can be tricky, so having sport as a direction and path in life can make all the difference. Patience is a member of the Archery GB Youth Program and we couldn’t be prouder to support her!

The funding that we provide will go towards purchasing a bow for Patience, to continue honing her Archery craft as part of the Archery GB Youth Program. We’re sure she’ll achieve the most wonderful things! Supporting Patience is a priority of ours for many reasons, but the main one has to be down to her commitment to her sport, as well as her actively trying to support herself.

As well as our help and support, Patience personally fundraises within her own time, in order to help pay for her equipment. We feel that being motivated enough to do this is utterly commendable! She also has another important role – as an ambassador! As part of this role, she visits primary schools and youth projects throughout Merseyside (and further afield) to promote the benefits of mental health and well-being in sports. She’s also an advocate for sports inclusivity, which we adore. The more positivity we can help to spread between sports, mental health and inclusivity, the better!

We’re so excited to see how you progress through your Archery GB Youth Program, Patience. We’re your biggest fans!

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