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Jump Of Our Lives

2 Sep 2023

Find out why Mel, Jordan’s Mum and Charity Trustee decided to take part in Jump of Our Lives.

“In December 22 I was given a week to live and palliative care was put in place to assist me in my final days.

My terminal cancer diagnosis was nowhere near as devastating as being told that my son Jord had been killed or seeing my surviving son Tom buckle on hearing my terminal diagnosis.

My husband and family were in disbelief and on top of everything found it hard to come to terms with.

I told myself I wasn’t going anywhere until my family were in a better place and I became stronger with every passing day.

I remembered that Tom and Jord bought myself and Ian a parachute experience day for our Christmas in 2019. They both thought it was hilarious.

Jord died in January 2020 and we never got to use the present.

May this year I finished my chemotherapy and wanted to celebrate my life to the full.

This is when I got the idea that I was going to do a sponsored parachute jump for Jordans charity and Macmillan.

I wanted something positive to come from everything that was happening to me.

These 2 charities have kept me alive today so what better way to honour both my sons, a parachute jump.

Macmillan were amazing and added me to their group of people who were parachuting and raising money for Macmillan on June 11th.

The jump was in Filey and everyone was excited for the big day.

I myself had to cross a few hurdles before I could jump. It had only been 3 weeks since my last chemotherapy and of course my oncologist had concerns.

After a blood count test, blood transfusion and now a signed consent form to jump, I was good to go.

I began my funding for both charities and within 4 weeks I had raised £5300. I was both emotional and so grateful for all the support I received.

On June 11th I arrived at the airfield in Filey and was met by family and friends. The weather conditions were perfect and hardly a cloud in the sky.

My family kissed and cheered me as I walked towards the tiny plane.

All 6 people squeezed in, 3 of us attached to our tandem skydiver.

I remembered saying out loud, this is for you both,Tom and Jord.

I laughed as I looked across at the pilot as I was literally sat shoulder to shoulder with him.

The views were amazing and it felt like the plane was hovering in mid air. It was so quiet and peaceful and I felt a sense of calm.

The door of the plane opened and each person before me shuffled forward to the edge of the plane and was gone within seconds.

It was my turn, I shuffled forward and looked out from the plane staring 10000 feet down.

What an amazing view and I felt no fear within me at all.

Ready my instructor said, and I gave the thumbs up.

We were out and hurtling head first at 120 mph. The rush of adrenaline and noise in my ears was exhilarating and I felt free as a bird.

Then with a pull of the cord our beautiful yellow parachute appeared.

This is when time stood still, floating and taking in the most amazing view. The sea, sky and landscape below, I have never experienced anything like this in my life.

I closed my eyes and could see Jord laughing and I knew both my sons would have been so proud of me.

I really felt Jord with me at this time and I became emotional.

This was one of the greatest achievements in my life because I was still here, living my life to the full and helping to make a difference to other people lives.

I felt blessed and so happy I was able to do this.

As we glided down towards my family and friends, I could hear everyone cheering, wow.

I was down safely and thanked all the staff for one hell of a ride.

What a day to remember.

The following Saturday I was a guest at the Macmillan race day at York races. This was to celebrate all our achievements and for Macmillan to raise more funding at the races.

All our group of jumpers were together and it was so special to meet everyone again and share our stories of the day.

The highlight of the day was us all being photographed, presenting our cheque to Macmillan.

We raised between us £57600.

Life is great so keep that smile going ❤️❤️❤️

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