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Grant Update – Novocastrian Rugby Club

7 Dec 2023

Grant update – Novocastrian Rugby Club. Another cause that we felt connected to is the Novocastrian Rugby Club, with its U16 Youth team. The team is made up of boys from all walks of life, including a range of financial, geographical, and social backgrounds. Upon hearing about them, we felt compelled by their inclusivity and just couldn’t wait to share funding to help them.

Unfortunately, statistics show the North-East has one of the highest levels of child poverty across the whole of England and therefore, its children face many disadvantages compared with their more privileged counterparts. With the funding, this will help to bridge the gap and eradicate any further obstacles. The club’s main aim and drive is to support all children in their quest to play rugby.

The funds raised will be used to purchase rugby kits and much-needed first-aid training courses. Some of the children would go without rugby kits without the funding, as they sadly do not have the means to purchase one. This then alleviates the pressure from struggling families, which is such a relief for them. It will also assist two coaches to be first-aid trained, which adds extra safety and security to the team, especially as rugby is such a contact-based sport.

Here at The Jordan Sinnott Foundation, we felt compelled to help the club and its team, mostly because of the coach and club’s commitment to supporting the boy’s development in their rugby careers and personal development. This is something we love to see! They continually pursue the rugby values of community and sportsmanship through teamwork, discipline, respect and most importantly, learning through enjoyment.   

We know the future is bright for the Novocastrian rugby club and team – we’ll be eagerly watching your progress!

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