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Grant Update – Allsorts Gloucestershire

21 Dec 2023

Another project that we’re honoured to help and support here at JS25 is Allsorts Gloucestershire. Being a registered charity, their work and dedication are for families in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties who have disabled children. Their vital work supports the whole family, as well as the children themselves, which we feel is just wonderful. They provide a wide range of activities, which also include sports sessions, a toy library, youth clubs and even family day excursions.

The project is also home to an activity hub, which is designed specifically with the needs of disabled children in mind. It really is such a beautiful space! Their long-term goal is for Gloucestershire as a whole to become an all-inclusive community. One where every family with a child who has additional needs feels completely supported, included and able to contribute in some way. There really is strength in uniting communities and we love to support it.  

We’re so pleased to say that our financial support will contribute to the costs that providing sports sessions incurs. This means that children with a range of learning disabilities, to complex health conditions, will long continue enjoying and benefiting from the incredible support Allsorts offers.

Such a significant part of their project is also the inclusivity and support they offer to the families too. Families with disabled children are isolated in ‘normal’ times from everyday services and activities, due to inaccessibility, non-inclusive environments and a lack of knowledge. Allsorts provide much-needed relief for these families and continuous opportunities for them to meet with other families, try new things and have everyday fun. Accessible fun is a core value of everything they do.    

Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we strive to achieve, so to be so naturally aligned with another similar-minded cause, such as Allsorts Gloucestershire, is a gift to us. We hope to support you in all of your vital work going forward!

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