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Grant News – Supporting AKA

1 Oct 2023

Here at The Jordan Sinnott Foundation we wanted to update you with some grant news. We are incredibly grateful for all the generous support and funding we receive. We wanted to explain to you exactly where our funding goes and just who you are enabling us to help!

One of our grants went directly to AKA – Health Wealth Oneness CIC , an incredibly worthy cause. Based across Nottingham and often further afield, AKA’s main goal and purpose is to directly help and support their young people, who are usually aged between 11-17.

With the funding and support they receive from The Jordan Sinnott Foundation, this wonderful organisation are transforming the lives of young people, every single day.  

Their grant will be dedicated to creating a much-needed centre-based youth provision, which will allow young people to have a safe and supervised space in which to socialise with one another. Additionally, it will also foster relationships with many positive adult role models. We have every faith that such an invaluable experience really will prove to be life-changing for the young people who use it.

Upon hearing about this project, we felt drawn to support it for many reasons. However, the over-arching motivation was to be able to help provide such a needed, safe, secure environment for each young person. The opportunity for each young mind to be helped and shaped with life skills and positive relationships is incredibly vital. It especially feels nowadays that the world can be a tough place for young people. However, with AKA’s guidance and support, it will be made a little easier for each of the project beneficiaries.

We can’t wait to hear the stories that will be made from such a space being created!

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