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Beighton Gala

Event Date: 13 July 2024
Location: Beighton

The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust (JSFT) is thrilled to announce its participation in this year’s Beighton Gala on 13th July. The Beighton Gala, a village tradition for over 100 years, has evolved into one of the city’s largest free entry events, while maintaining its strong community spirit. The gala boasts over 100 trade and charity stalls, arena attractions, a variety of eateries and much more, drawing thousands of visitors annually.

Chloé from JSFT will be hosting two stalls at this year’s event. These stalls will feature a raffle, a silent auction and an interactive activity designed for everyone to experience the fun. The aim is to raise funds for The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust, which supports various charitable causes and initiatives.

We are happy to be part of an event that enables us to connect with the local community, share our mission and gather support. The Beighton Gala has an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect venue for us to reach out to a wider audience and make a significant impact. We hope to see you there joining in the fun and supporting The JSFT.

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